Kitchen shelves can be used as replacement for upper kitchen cabinets. In kitchen, open shelves create extra storage space. Also, using shelves as solution, working kitchen area is larger. The biggest advantage of shelves is low price.

Small kitchen ideas for different type of shelves:

  • Stylish kitchen shelves with wooden backside

This type of shelves are mostly used as replacement for cabinets.  They are consist from couple of shelves connected with wooden backside. Sometimes instead of classical shelves, on backside are mounted hangers. Wooden board is mounted directly on the wall. This type of shelves is firmer and it has higher carrying capacity (i.e. pots, plates..)

  • Classical kitchen wall shelves

Classical kitchen wall shelf is mounting directly on the wall. Floating shelf has hidden wall fixings. Different type of shelf is regular shelf with clasical fixings.  This kind of shelves can be used almost everywhere. Since every shelf is different unit and it doesn’t take a lot of space, it can be mounted in almost every kitchen. This kind of shelves are used for lightweight stuff like spice bowls and decorations.

  • Kitchen shelving unit

Shelving unit has four bearing columns serving as a support and several shelves on a few levels. Shelving unit is not reserved only for a kitchen. It can be used for many other purposes. For example in storage or dining room. It can be even used as booking shelves. Shelving unit can be metal or wooden. It’s one piece unit mounted on the floor. Smaller version of shelving unit can be placed on work top in the kitchen. This solution is often used for creating more space for small kitchen devices (microwave, toaster, pancake machine, coffee machine, juicer…). In that case, small kitchen devices are placed on several levels and more working space is available for cooking.

  • Magnetic shelves for fridge

Magnetic shelf for refrigerator is small shelf for lightweight stuff. It’s more like a storage organizer. It’s placed on side or front door of refrigerator. It’s easy for mounting and it can be very useful.