Today, open spaces are a big trend in home decoration. This usually involves a kitchen connected to the living room and dining area. Since we are often limited by space area small kitchen ideas can often be considered. Creative Kitchen design give small space functionality. A very good connection between the kitchen and the dining room can be achieved by using kitchen island. Kitchen island can play very big roll in small kitchen ideas. It is very important to take into account the size of the kitchen island depending on what its purpose will be.

Usually, kitchen islands are installed in very large kitchens which are usually placed in houses. In that case the large kitchen island can be used as a worktop or cooking plate with kitchen hood placed above. By extra large kitchens the sink and praise are often installed on kitchen island.

In small apartments the kitchen island is often used as kitchen bar what is very common in modern kitchen design. In that case kitchen island is also used as the dining area which saves a lot of space. In the lower part of the kitchen islands cupboards and drawers can be placed. It can be made of the same material as the rest of the kitchen not to ruin the kitchen design. Kitchen island can be movable or fixed. In case of movable kitchen island, thinking of small kitchen islands, the movement of the kitchen island is achieved with help of the wheels which are placed underneath. This is one good example of useful, practical and modern kitchen design. Of course, the appropriate stools have to be chosen that will fit into the kitchen design.

Kitchen islands can be pretty expensive. For cheap solution there is possibility to remodel old regular kitchen cabinet to kitchen island. Only extra expense is countertop. Using old kitchen cabinet (or two) as base of kitchen island reduces cost to the minimum. If more then one kitchen cabinet is used they must be connected before mounting countertop on the top of it.  Also back side of cabinets must be covered with a veneer piece.