Kitchen is usually central point of every home.  Small kitchen demands more structural and functional planning.  Small kitchen ideas organize small space to modern center of apartment. Creative solution can save a lot of money. Here are a few ideas for cheap and clever design. Inspiration begins with small kitchen ideas:

  • Organization of kitchen cabinets

Drawing empty layout of kitchen is good start for kitchen design. First, It’s necessary to determinate a few key point; water outlet (for sink and dishwasher), sockets placement (for electrical devices) and window (if exists). According to key points all devices and water sink are placed. Kitchen cabinets must be organized to give you enough of work space. For small kitchen the best solution is to choose kitchen upper cabinets with height up to ceiling. It gives a lot of extra storage space but working area is not reduced.  Kitchen shelves are great solution for kitchen design without upper kitchen cabinets. In small L-shaped kitchen corner cabinet should be equipped only with shelves because it gives 50% more storage then regular kitchen cabinet or corner swing-out cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets dimensions
  • Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island is not reserved only for big spaces. If it’s impossible to organize kitchen, dining room and living room as separate functional spaces, using kitchen island as dining table is great solution. The biggest advantage of this idea is that you use kitchen island as extra storage space because more drawers and cabinets are placed under the dining table. Also when it is not used as dining table it can be used as extra work top.

  • Kitchen work top

Here are small kitchen ideas if kitchen design don’t provide enough work top. Cutting board can be places on the sink.  The cutting board on the sink extends the work surface. This is the simplest solution for extending the work top. Also single sided sink don’t use as much space as double sided sink. There are cooking boards with only two burners and dishwashers only 45 cm width.

  •  Small kitchen devices

Small kitchen devices (like microwaves) can be placed on the wall shelves to leave work to empty. It’s simple, not expensive detail.

  • Wall folding table

Wall folding table is solution for very small places, with multi practical use. It can be used as working top and dining table. Wall folding table is mounted to the wall and it’s saving a lot of space when it’s folded to the wall.

  • Small kitchen ideas to make your kitchen look bigger

First of all, walls should be colored in bright colors. Window should have curtains in same color. Open shelves make kitchen to look bigger. Wall mirrors give special effect and make space to look bigger and lighter. Metallic wall covers provide the same effect as mirrors. Kitchen lighting is very important in kitchen design. Still one part of kitchen should be in contrast with walls and curtains. For example, shelves can be in contrast with walls and working top can be in contrast with kitchen cabinets. With contrasting color, boring and „too clean“ effect is avoid.